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Dogs available for adoption

*pending adoption*

Glitzy, FKA Kiya, has been through heartworm treatment, and has learned some manners and is ready for adoption!

Glitzy is a 4 year old, small, fully grown female pit mix that has had a Ruff Life.

This summer, we got a call that there was a neglected dog chained outside 24/7 for the last 4 years. Her family had moved recently, and left her.

Thankfully the owner agreed to relinquish her and that’s where Glitzy girl got her chance with us.

We found out she was heartworm positive and loaded with parasites, so our veterinarian successfully treated her for all her ailments and she is now a healthy, 45-pound bouncing but shy, loving girl.

She is still scared of being left, so she will cuddle with you any chance she gets.

She doesn’t mess in the house and will hold it until you take her outside to “get busy.” She is scared you will leave her outside, so she prefers you go out with her.

She doesn’t need to be kenneled and can stay left alone in the house without destroying anything.

Glitzy is learning manners, such as sit, paw, leave it, other paw, wait, down, come, “sit pretty,” off, “get busy,” and OK. She waits at doors, waits for food, not food aggressive.

Life is a new experience for her so, walks are hard since she wants to stop and smell EVERYTHING.

She’s the perfect size lap dog; not a chewer, doesn’t beg, doesn’t need much exercise, doesn’t eat too much and truthfully just wants a lap to cuddle and a warm place to put her head. If you would like a gentle cuddle bug, this is your gal.

4 years old, pit mix



Allie is a super sweet, super-smart Border Collie who is available for adoption to the right home.

She was born on a property into a pack of semi-feral herding dogs. She has spent the past seven months with a foster family who have been gradually socializing and training her.

Allie is 68% border collie, with the rest a mix of cattle dog, golden retriever and eskimo dog. She gets along great with other dogs, but would be best in a home with only one other dog or no dogs so that she can learn to bond to her new humans.

Although she now accepts a leash, she has not gone for a walk outside--that still scares her. But she is getting close to overcoming that.

Her new person/family will need to be willing to continue her training.

Her foster mom will work with her new person to learn all her commands and to learn games that keep her mentally and physically stimulated. Allie is playful and likes toys, and is also highly food motivated. She LOVES her crate.

She has been introduced to the sport of canine scent work, knows many obedience commands, and a few tricks. She is very trainable. She is playful, but also settles well.

However, she is still distrustful of people she doesn't know and will hide. New situations scare her so she has to be introduced to new things gradually. Recently she was introduced to getting her nails trimmed after several months of learning to accept handling of her paws.
She will need to have a yard with a securely fenced back yard.

2 years old, border collie mix



Now introducing Atlas, a sweet and energetic boy who we guess to be about 1-2 years old. We're not entirely sure what breed he is but we've placed our bets on him being a lab/Anatolian shepherd mix.


Atlas somehow found himself at a shelter in Arkansas where he sat, overlooked for more than 6 months. His foster mom told the rescue team, Hauling Tails, to bring her the dog that had been at the shelter the longest, and so Atlas found himself on his way to the Quad Cities. Now, foster mom has spent a few days getting to know him and she's completely baffled as to why no one has scooped this boy up.

Atlas is incredibly smart and is highly food motivated, meaning he could be well trained with a little work. He absolutely loves to play with both the other foster puppy in the house and all his toys. A good game of fetch makes this boy very happy. He is full of energy but once he's all tuckered out he is happy to sit right next to you on the couch for a snooze.

Currently Atlas weighs in at about 50 pounds, but needs to gain a little more before he's at a healthy weight. He sometimes doesn't realize how big he is and will jump occasionally when he's excited and can also be a bit rambunctious, so we are not recommending homes with small children at this time. He is good with other dogs and is slightly timid around the resident cat but will bark at her if he gets up enough courage.

1-2 years old, lab mix


Dogs currently in rescue

* these dogs are not quite available yet, but will be soon


Gertie is in the process of getting vetted and will be available soon.

4 years old, chihuahua



Snowcone is going through heartworm treatment and will be available once she is feeling better.

2 years old, German shepherd


Frequently Asked Questions

How does your adoption process work?

1. When you see a dog that you think would be a perfect fit for your family we ask that you first fill out an adoption application here.

2. The application will be sent to the foster parent and if they feel it's a good match they will be in touch with you to set up a time for you to meet the dog. (*Please allow some time for them to get in contact with you. Sometimes we get a large number of applications to sort through.)

3. A meet and greet will be arranged between you and the foster parents. This is when you and any other family members, as well as current pets, will meet the dog and decide if they are the right fit for you.

4. If all goes well and you want to proceed with the adoption we will then check with all your personal and vet references. If you rent, please make sure to get permission from your landlord beforehand.

5. After references a home visit will be scheduled.

6. When all of that is done you are in the home stretch. We will then contact you to sent up an official adoption day where you will be able to take your new family member home with you.

Can't I just come to your shelter and see all the dogs in person all at once?

No, because we do not have a shelter or facility for you to visit. All dogs are in loving, private foster homes. All meetings must be set up through the rescue.

What are your adoption fees?

Puppies too young to be altered: $350, with a $100 refund once proof of spay or neuter is given.
*All puppies must be altered within 6 months of adoption.

Altered puppies/Adult dogs: $250

Senior dogs: $150

What vetting does my dog come with?

All dogs who are adopted from Ruff Life are seen by one of our veterinarians and are cleared with a clean bill of health (unless otherwise stated prior to adoption). They are up to date on all age appropriate shots, they are spayed/neutered, and they are microchipped. They are also up to date on flea/tick and heartworm prevention.